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My Enemy’s Daughter Episode 1

Published by on May 20th, 2020.

My Enemy’s Daughter

Episode 1
Thirteen years ago. L.A..
“They are here!! They are coming to kill us”, I heard my dad in the living room.

He was panicking and he looked so pale.

Who are they talking about? Who is coming to kill them?

My mom scratched her hair in frustration, “I can’t let them take my daughter. No this time”,My mom said moving towards my direction.

I quickly ran to the bedroom and covered the blanket around me pretending to be asleep.

My mom stroked my hair and I felt a wet kiss then. I was just 10.

“Ava?”,my mom called.

“Mom..”, I whispered.

“I want us to go somewhere baby”, she.said softly.



I smiled, “Miami is my favourite city”

“I know..”,she pulled the blanket and carried me in her arms..

She pat my back leading me outside.

She called one of the guards to take me to the airport.

She slowly placed me down, making my feet touched the floor.

She knelt infront of me. Her eyes were filled with tears but they weren’t falling.

What’s wrong with her?

“I love you so much, you know that?”,she asked.

“Yes…”,I said softly.

My dad also joined my mom kneeling and he gave me some files, “Take this”

I grapped it from him, “Always remember that we love you”,my mom said.

“Why do I feel like this is a goodbye”,I said.

“No..”,they both said softly.

“It’s not a goodbye”,Mom continued, “We will miss you after your holidays. Remember when ever someone treats you horrible, treat them good. Don’t pay evil for evil. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

They both hugged me and to my surprise, the guards took me in the car and drove off while I waved my parents goodbye.

Present Day

USA, Los Angeles, 9am.

My driver drove me around the city while I stared at the objects on the streets.

Everything had changed here. It’s been thirteen years since I left this city. The memories are still fresh.

I lost my parents after i reached Miami…

It was the worst day of my life… I was raised by the maids and servants back then.

I was just ten by the way… I knew nothing…I was always indoors. I refused to go to school.

I just did online schooling .. At age 17, I took my father’s files he handed it to me years ago..

I read them and realised I owned all his inheritance..but there was an envelope I never opened it.

I felt it was a goodbye message from my parents.

He owned constructional companies across the cities in USA.

Two years passed and I was a business Tycoon.. I have never dated.

I never had time for that.. I have business associates and not friends.

I wore my glasses and opened my purse taking the envelope.

My heart pounded. I had to know what is in there.

I slowly opened it with shaky hands as I read;

Dear, we loved you so much.. All what we did was because we loved you.
Your mom and i committed a sin long time ago before you were born and truly we deeply regret them.
We were once gardeners of the Bennett’s family.. they were rich but then they had a secret … and sorry to say I’m not telling you until you find.
They secret made us filled in secure so we decided to tell all the workers about it ab d we all planned to burn them alive.
And we did but their son Jayden escaped and we don’t know how.. He was 6 by then.

I wiped my tears… so they were going to kill some six year old kid because of some useless secret.

I continued to read:
Your and I decided to inherit their properties. Yes, Ava, they owned the contuctional companies . it’s all theirs but remember don’t return back to L.A. because the Bennett’s family never gives until they wiped all of us.

I crumbled the paper. It’s too late dad.
I’m already in Los Angeles.

Gosh, how can they be so cruel.. But since their son Jayden is alive.

Maybe… I could him back his inheritance. I could fix things.

“Erm, Driver.. can you stop at the restaurant”


I got out of the car and walked towards the restaurant. I saw the waiter cleaning the counter.

“Can i have a cup of coffee please”,I said softly and he smiled at me.

I took my coffee and collided with a man who had been walking past me and knocked my coffee into his white shirt.

Before i had even looked up i was already apologizing.

“I’m so so sorry,” I babbled.

I was about to dive for a stack of nearby napkins to dab at the wet spot on his shirt when, I was impressed by the broadness and firmness of the chest beneath the shirt, then I did look up.

He had the greenest eyes I had ever seen.
Green with a touch of gold. He was tall, square jawed, broad chested, dark haired and faintly tan.

In a word, he was gorgeous. I was lost in his eyes…


🍓Jayden 🍓
I was on my way to my favourite coffee shop when I found Ethan’s name on my screen.

“Did you find anything about her yet?”

“No boss…”,He answered. “Then what are you waiting for”

“I heard she moved to Miami”

“Then go there if you have to and when you have her bring her to me”,I said.

“Yes boss”.

I wanted their daughter to suffer the same fate as my parents.

They burned my parents alive just because they found out they were vampires.

They inherit my parents properties..i was in the wilderness, angry for so long but I’m back for her.

Even though Uncle Kevin and killed them… I still wanted to take my revenge on their missing daughter.

I entered the coffee shop, annoyed. I sniffed.

There is someone new here. I know everyone’s scent in this shop but this is different.

My heart pounding faster… I tried to control or else I would mess up.

I saw her coming towards my direction. Her eyes were fixed on the coffee.

I tried to moved by past but the finally, her coffee stain my shirt.

True, my white linen button up was ruined but the woman looking up at me was the first woman I had found attractive in far too long.

She was a classic beauty with a hint of feline sensuality about her.

A blonde with bright blue eyes and a soft mouth that looked like it was used to smiling.

In the next instant I noted that she wasn’t wearing any make up and that she was wearing grubby work out clothes that smelled faintly of dried sweat.

Somehow that only made it better: women as beautiful as she was normally tried a lot harder.

I was lost in her eyes and it’s seems she was lost in them too.

“I’m sorry..”,she said once again.

“It’s okay…”, I purred, “Don’t worry about it”

“I’m really sorry”,she apologised again, “Can I at least buy you coffee to make it up to you”.

I nodded vigorously, “As long as you promised to drink with me”

“Sure”,she said nervously breaking an eye contact with me. I realised I was holding her wrists and I wished I could hold it for a long time.

In line waiting to order a new coffee she introduced herself, holding out her hand at an odd angle for a handshake.

“I’m Ava,” She said.

Ava. What a sweet name.

“I’m Jayden,”i replied in a sensual tone taking her hand while she froze a bit.

“And really don’t worry about the coffee. It’s just a shirt. Actually, it’s one I was probably thinking of throwing out anyway so you’ve made it that much easier now.”

That was a lie. It was a $1000 shirt but the lie seemed to calm her nerves a little.

“Oh good,” She said, laughing a little. “Glad I could help.”

I wished I could read her thoughts.. but in due time, I would read them.

My phone vibrates and i saw a message..

I have a meeting.

“Is anything wrong?”,she asked.

“Yes… I have a meeting in thirty minutes.. I should get going”


“So erm… when would I see you again”,I stared at her while she liked her lips.

“Erm.. I don’t know “,she replied.

I moved close kissing her cheeks, “I will see you soon Ava”

“You too, Jayden”

I smiled once more before moving out of the coffee shop.
Please this is my first vampire.. so rate pls. How is it.

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